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Some people like to read all about a software package before they start using it. Chronolator provides full documentation for them.

At the other end of the spectrum are people who just like to dive in and use new software. Chronolator has been written for them as well, giving comprehensive information in its messages to guide them through the task in hand.

Somewhere in the middle are people who like to get a rough idea of what they need to do before they start, but don't want to spend time skimming through detailed documentation. If you are one of those people, these tutorials are for you!

If you want an even more general overview of Chronolator's main features, you might like to watch the demonstrations.

Software Versions

These tutorials were written using various versions of Chronolator and Word. The information in them is relevant to most versions of Chronolator and Word, though the screens you see will look somewhat different.

For completely up-to-date information for your version of Chronolator, please refer to the relevant manuals, which can be seen on the Documentation page.

Please see the Help page to find how to view these tutorials at their best.

Watch this video if you have been sent a Chronolator document and want to understand why and how to use it.

The Tools menu gives access to the following features and more:

  • anonymising, personalising and reviewing a document using the Abbreviations Glossary;
  • adding sequence numbers to events;
  • highlighting events according to their Source of Information.

A new review begins with a new Internal Chronology. Watch this video to see how to set one up.

Chronolator makes it easy to merge chronologies from multiple documents. This video shows how to do it.

The Chronolator Browser Tools and Chronolator for Word use different file formats. This video shows how to convert one to the other.

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