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Producing complex chronologies

Reviewing interactions between different agencies and organisations often requires a comprehensive multi-agency chronology. Producing one can be a time-consuming task. Chronolator makes it easier.

Little specialist knowledge is required to use it. There are no new programs to learn or install; everything runs on the Chronolator Tools web site.

It is important to note that only the software resides on the Web. Your chronologies stay on your computer, completely under your control. Their confidentiality is not compromised.

Chronolator has something to help everyone involved in using a chronology:

  • Define and Integrate for people who supervise and administer it
  • Enter for the front-line staff who input the data
  • Review for people who review it

Major benefits

Chronolator saves time entering, merging, sorting, and formatting the events in a chronology. It includes powerful tools to help analyse and review what happened. All this speeds up the entire process of producing accurate chronologies and conducting reviews.

Watch a presentation to see why it was developed, the issues it addresses, and how easy it is to set up customised chronologies.

Chronolator is affordable. Please contact for pricing details.

Find out about Chronolator's key features and what is required to run by clicking the items below.

No software to install

Chronolator runs in any standards-compliant Web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

It is important to note that only the software resides on the Web. Your chronologies stay on your computer, completely under your control. Their confidentiality is not compromised.

Flexible – column headings can be customised

Use the Chronolator Define tool to specify exactly what data you want to collect for each case, what is optional, and what is required.

Ensures consistency across agencies

When you have decided what data you want to collect, you create a Chronology Document with the relevant column headings. The Chronolator Enter tool makes sure agencies return a table with those same headings.

Simplifies data entry

Source records often become available in random order, and contain dates and times written in different formats.

Chronolator Enter lets you enter them as you obtain them and puts them in the right order. You do not need to sort them manually before input or to hunt around in the table to find the right place to put them.

The same applies for dates and times - enter them as they are written in the original records (e.g. June 20 2017 10.38pm or 20/06/17 22.38) and let Chronolator put them in a consistent format, including the day of the week if required.

Prevents missing and invalid data

When agencies try to enter an event into their chronology, Chronolator makes sure that it contains all the information you have deemed necessary and that it is valid. If not, the event cannot be added to the chronology.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. All of the tools are fully functional, but without a licence they are subject to some limitations.

Try them out here:

Imports, merges, sorts and standardises chronologies

When agencies have returned their chronologies, the Chronolator Integrate tool helps put them all together. It checks that they all relate to the same case, merges them together, sorts them by date and time, and makes sure that dates and times are in a consistent format.

Simplifies tracking of data sources

The Case Review Administrator identifies the source of each table as it is imported into the final review.

The Chronolator Integrate tool adds the source into the imported table, making it easy to identify where the information came from.

Speeds data collection

All of Chronolator's features are available to anyone who receives a Chronolator document. If a recipient needs data from other organisations or departments, they can forward the document to them to complete with Chronolator Enter. When they get the completed documents back, they can use Chronolator Integrate to merge them into a single document to be returned to the requestor.

The diagram below shows how Chronolator can be used in a typical multi-agency review. Click on it for a larger view. The Chronolator Process

Assists analysis and review

The Chronolator Review tool has many features for reviewers, among them:

  • Adding the day of the week to events to discover patterns of behaviour
  • Colour-coding events according to the agency in which they occurred
  • Graphical timeline views
  • Powerful search features that affect the displays and can also be used to extract events for separate analysis or circulation

Chronolator Review includes a sample file that can be used to explore these features.

Includes comprehensive Help

Every tool includes comprehensive online Help. Click on a link to view it:

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