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Problems Downloading?

We have come to take the general reliability of the Internet for granted. Sadly though it does not always behave as well as expected, particularly when downloading files.

Sometimes a download just won't happen. Sometimes it looks as though it has, but when you come to open the downloaded file you get a message like 'The Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted'. In the latter case, don't worry - you are not alone and it is not your fault, as a Google search will show you.

Please rest assured that the files on the Chronolator web site are indeed OK, and that the problem lies somewhere in their journey from there to your computer. Here are some things you might try to get round the problem.
  • It might seem unlikely, but downloading again (possibly several times) using the Main or Alternate links on the download page often succeeds. If you do this, you should delete any previously downloaded versions before each attempt; don’t just rely on Windows overwriting previous versions;
  • Try using a different browser;
  • Try downloading onto a different computer, then copying the files to where you want them.

If you still cannot download Chronolator, please email

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