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What is Chronolator?

Chronolator simplifies the collection and collation of chronological data from diverse sources. Whenever you need to assemble a chronology containing events from diverse organisations, Chronolator can help.

It ensures that contributors keep to the format specified by the Case Review Administrator, and makes merging their chronologies together a simple task. The end result is that busy professionals can spend more time on analysis and less on administration.

Working with our customers since 2005, we have gained significant insights into how to speed up the process of producing an accurate and useful multi-agency chronology. As time has gone by we have built on this foundation by including features that are useful to reviewers analysing one.

Given the time constraints under which many reviews have to be completed, can you afford not to use Chronolator - the chronology tool?

Chronolator was originally designed to speed up the production of the Serious Case Review chronologies required by English Child Protection legislation. Now, because it is so easy to use, people are using it to help with other reviews: Case Management and Significant Case Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews, Child Death Reviews, Patient Safety Reviews, Child Practice Reviews, and continuing neglect cases.

Whenever you need to collect, collate, and analyse a sequence of events, Chronolator can help.

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